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About Pitter Patter Pets

What is Pitter Patter Pets?


Pitter Patters Pets is a pet store that goes above and beyond your typical pet store. The owner of Pitter Patter Pets will take the time to talk to you on the phone or in person to help you with the care and well-being of your pets. Pitter Patter Pets makes it one of the company’s goals to keep your pet as happy and healthy as possible, regardless of the species. Pitter Patter Pets has a vast knowledge of a variety of species of animals, both domestic and exotic species. Some of these species include hedgehogs. sugar gliders, prairie dogs, puppies, snakes, chameleons, and a variety of birds. Through spending everyday with these animals, the owner of Pitter Patter Pets has accumulated the knowledge on the best practices to give the animal a long and healthy life and will pass that knowledge on to you so you will be able to give your pet a long, healthy and happy life.


What can you find at Pitter Patter Pets?


Pitter Patter Pets was bought by the current owner in 1995 and is your locally owned and operated pet store that does more than sell the products that you need to take care of your pet and give your a pet a long and healthy life. Not only will you find the supplies for your pet including bedding, food, cages, toys, etc., you will also find that Pitter Patter Pets also offers grooming services for your beloved pets. You will be able to find everything that you could possibly need for your pet in one store and if you are not able to find what you need, just talk to the owner and Pitter Patter Pets will do their best to get it for you.


How can Pitter Patter Pets help you?


One of the things that you must understand and know how to do prior to getting a pet, whether it is a domestic specie or an exotic animal, is that you must know how to care for the animal. Pitter Patter Pets is able to help you out with this, the owner of the company knows anything and everything for the care of any animal that is sold through the Pitter Patter Pet store. Pitter Patter Pets has successfully bred, raised and handled the exotic species that are sold through the store. The owner of the store believes that it is important for you to be able to handle the animal that you would like to keep as pet. In order for you to be able to do this, the owner of Pitter Patter Pets begins to handle the animals as soon as possible after they are born.


Proud Moment


One of the proud moments that was experienced by the owner was that Pitter Patter Pets had the privilege of producing two albino boa constrictors in the store in 1999. The two babies were the 3rd independent strain of albino boa constrictors, or T+ albinism. Even though this was one of the proudest moments at Pitter Patter Pets, the store has had many more accomplishments since that time.


Come on in and check out Pitter Patter Pets and see which animal you will fall in love with.

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