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What do you need to know about Chameleons in Amarillo?


Of all the reptile species that Pitter Patter Pets offers, the Veiled Chameleon is one of our more popular species due to its odd mannerisms and strikingly beautiful features. Relatively simple to care for and easy to maintain, they make wonderful pets for the first time owner or seasoned reptile enthusiast.


Originally found in countries throughout the Middle East, veiled chameleons are a perfect fit for the semi-arid climate of Amarillo. They thrive in open air conditions with ambient temperatures of about 72-80 degrees Fahrenheit. Like all reptiles though, they do require a heat source in order to help regulate their internal body temperature. On average, the male veiled chameleon can live up to 8 years while the female can live up to 6 years. With proper care, some males have been known to live for more than a decade.


When can you buy a Chameleons in Amarillo?


Your local Amarillo pet store, Pitter Patter Pets offers veiled chameleons for purchase year round as breeding can take place multiple times during a single year. The best time to buy a veiled chameleon is typically after sexual maturation. They can reach maturity quite early; usually six months after they are hatched, although some have been reported as reaching maturity as early as three months.


It is important to note that after maturation has been reached, chameleons become very territorial and are best kept apart from one another except in times of mating displays. Keeping adults housed in separate structures helps to alleviate stress and reduce competition when feeding.


How would you care for a Chameleons in Amarillo?


Veiled chameleons do best in enclosures with plenty of airflow. Being arboreal reptiles, it is important to keep their enclosures filled with vines and foliage with access to shade and shelter. This habitat also helps to maintain relative humidity within the enclosure. Misting the leaves twice a day provides the chameleon with a fresh source of water as they do not drink from standing water sources. A slow water drip system can also be put in place to drip on to the leaves and supply drinking water.


A broad temperature gradient within the enclosure along with two types of lights are required to maintain comfortable conditions as well as promote good health. First, a heat bulb with an incandescent fixture placed at the top of the enclosure provides a basking spot for the chameleon with temperatures of about 85-105 degrees Fahrenheit. Second, a fluorescent bulb that emits UVB light waves is essential in promoting the metabolization of calcium which prevents growth disorders. At night, it is important that they be allowed to rest in temperatures that do not drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


Chameleons are omnivorous and can have diets that consist of insects, fruits, and vegetables. Typical diets consist mainly of gut-loaded crickets and, on average, adult veiled chameleons eat about 2-3 dozen insects per week. A supplement of calcium D3, Reptivite, should be provided to the crickets that the chameleon eats at least twice per week and a vitamin supplement once a week.


Pitter Patter Pets has all of the supplies you’ll need to care for your veiled chameleon!


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