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Puppies of Amarillo are at Pitter Patter Pets!

Pitter Patter Pets is more than your typical pet store. It is also a great resource for you to pamper and spoil your pets. This locally owned store has an abundance of supplies for many different kinds of animals, including your dog, who you would probably consider a member of your family. For dog accessories and supplies in Amarillo, Pitter Patter is a great resource for any need you may have for your puppy. As with any pet, when buying a dog there are numerous items that are going to be needed for their care and all these items are located right here in the store for your convenience.


What dog accessories are sold at Pitter Patter Pets?


New puppies require certain types of food to get the nutrition they need for their growing bodies. Your puppy is going to need twice the nutrients that a grown dog might. Puppies are developing bones and organs and need certain amounts of proteins and minerals. Pitter Patter provides the Amarillo community with a variety of dog foods for your new dog. With an avid supply of dog feeding dishes, you can get your puppy, your food, and the dish to eat it out of all in the same place. Water bowls are also available for your pup to stay hydrated in the area’s typically warm weather.


Pitter Patter Pets also provides a selection of dog beds. It is important that puppies have their space, so you need to invest in a good place for them to rest after all their play. It is advised that you buy one that is a bit bigger since they grow so fast. There are some beds to choose from for your new pet here in the store.


Dental health is a very important part of the upkeep for your new puppy. In the first year, your new dog will get two sets of teeth that will need to be managed and looked after. Pitter Patter Pets sells accessories to assist in the dental hygiene of your new dog. Chew toys will help the process of dental care by helping the puppy through their teething process. There are also special treats that can be bought for your puppy to eat that helps clean their mouth. Dry kibble is recommended since it helps scrape build-up along their teeth and inside the rest of their mouth.


What other information about dogs Pitter Patter Pets can help you with?


In Amarillo, there are ordinances that state that dogs must be confined or on leashes. You will need a leash, a collar, and a tag for you puppy. Pitter Patter has a variety of these items for you to purchase along with your new dog. Vaccinations, heartworm treatments, and other medical necessities will need to be done at a veterinarian's office, so please remember to schedule these appointments to keep your puppies on track with proper care.


Pitter Patter Pets is available to answer any questions that a new owner may have about owning a dog. Bringing a new puppy home can be overwhelming, and Pitter Patter can assist you with any queries you may have in regards to the transition and care for your new pet.

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