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What do you need to know about Hedgehogs in Amarillo?


The scientific name of the Hedgehog is Atelerix Albiventris and are found in the family of Erinaceidae. Hedgehogs are insectivores, eating primarily snails when living in the wild. The hedgehogs are born blind with no quills and are about the size of a cocklebur. The baby hedgehogs are also known as hoglets. Since females are known to eat their own young, it is best to not disturb the mother and babies until after a couple of weeks. You can change the food and water in the cage, but be careful to not disturb the mother during this time period.


When the hoglets are two weeks old, they now have enough spines to help protect them from their mother and you can begin to handle them. When you handle the hoglets, be sure to place the baby with its body down so that it will be able to smell you. Then the babies could potentially begin to uncurl and look around. When the hoglets are at this age, they have a really sensitive nose, a tongue that is about half the length of their body, and they begin anointing when they come across a strong scent. Anointing is a process where the hoglet will gather up frothy spit and put it over themselves to cover up the strong smell. During this time, the baby hedgehog could begin biting. Hoglets have little, flat, strong teeth along with strong jaws. The hoglets also have extra bunches of fat around their face.


When can you buy a Hedgehogs in Amarillo?


Hedgehogs breed all year long, so Pitter Patter Pets is able to sell hedgehogs throughout the year. What makes the hedgehogs that you will find at Pitter Patter Pets different from hedgehogs at other pet stores in Amarillo, is that Pitter Patter Pets’ hedgehogs begin to be handled at two weeks of ago. By doing this, Pitter Patter Pets is able to get the baby hedgehogs accustomed to be handled, which is safer both for the hedgehogs and for you, as the potential owner of the hedgehog.


How would you care for a Hedgehogs in Amarillo?


The more that you handle the hedgehog beginning after they are two weeks old, the more that the baby will recognize your scent. The babies will begin to uncurl faster because they will recognize your scent. You always need to be careful and gentle with the babies because even though they are small, the babies still have sharp quills.


Hedgehogs are nocturnal, meaning that they are most active during the nighttime. Hedgehogs will run in wheels that are placed in their cages. This makes for some very good exercise for the hedgehogs, especially if they are always in their cage. You should feed your hedgehog a very specific diet. Pitter Patter Pets is able to order the food that you should be feeding your hedgehog. The food is a formulation of vitamins mixed with an insectivore pellet, which is composed of ground up snails, bugs, etc. This specific diet is formulated to help obesity in your hedgehog.


The typical lifespan of a hedgehog in captivity is 5-7 years, compared to only living a couple of years in the wild. You should maintain the temperature inside your hedgehog’s cage around 72-85℉. If you need to, you could also use a basking light to help keep the temperature steady. You will not interrupt the photoperiod by using basking lights for the care of your hedgehog.


If a hedgehog sounds like a pet that you would like to have, be sure to contact your local Amarillo Pet Store, Pitter Patter Pets, to see if the hedgehog would be the perfect, responsible pet for you to have.

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