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Prairie Dogs For Sale in Amarillo at Pitter Patter Pets!

Prairie Dogs of Amarillo are at Pitter Patter Pets!

What do you need to know about prairie dogs in Amarillo?


One of the exotic species of animals that Pitter Patter Pets sells is the prairie dog. If you have stopped by the local Amarillo pet store, you would have seen the local prairie dog, Patty. Prairie dogs are fascinating little animals to have as a pet. Prairie dogs can live for 10+ years in captivity, compared to roughly 3-4 years in the wild.


It is best to keep the prairie dogs in a cage with the water in a water bottle. If the prairie dog is not kept primarily in the cage, then you could potentially see a lot of damage to your furniture because of the gnawing habits of the prairie dogs. You could deter this by giving your prairie dog small pieces of wood for them to chew and gnaw on instead of your furniture. Keeping the prairie dog in a cage gives as much protection to the prairie dog as it gives to you.


When can you buy a prairie dog in Amarillo?


Your local Amarillo pet store Pitter Patter Pets sells prairie dog pups during the time period of late April to early May, this is the only time that you will be able to purchase the prairie dog pups. The prairie dog breeding season is between October and February and the specie only breeds once a year. Pitter Patter Pets hand-picks the pups that they sell from a personal friend of the company in Lubbock. Hand-picking the pups has a couple of advantages.


The first is that the owner of the Amarillo pet store Pitter Patter Pets will be able to only select the female pups to sell. Pitter Patter does not sell any male prairie dogs because they can become aggressive and would have to be neutered. By the time the prairie dog pups arrive at Pitter Patter Pets, they have already been weaned so you do not have to worry about bottle-feeding them.


How would you care for a prairie dog in Amarillo?


You should be feeding your prairie dogs a combination of straw hay, timothy hay, sunflower seeds, cracked corn. You can also give grass to your prairie dogs as a treat. You should not feed your prairie dogs any alfalfa hay, this could lead to obesity. The pieces of wood that you can give to your prairie dog will help keep their teeth worn down. If the teeth are not kept worn down, then the teeth can grow enough to prevent the prairie dog from being able to eat.  Pitter Patter Pets also sells food blocks that will also help to keep the prairie dog’s teeth worn down.


Make sure you hurry up and call to get your prairie dog. And if you don’t want the responsibility of keeping a prairie dog as a pet, then you can still come on by the Amarillo pet store and see the prairie dog of Pitter Patter Pets, Patty.

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