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Puppies of Amarillo are at Pitter Patter Pets!

Puppies are fun, active little bundles of joy and love. When deciding to bring home a new pet, you need to remember that cute little puppy is a lot of work. You are responsible for feeding, cleaning, potty training and providing basic care for the new puppy.


What do you need to know about puppies in Amarillo?


The puppies for sale at Pitter Patter Pets are healthy. You want a healthy puppy to bring home to be an important member of your family or companion for yourself. Bringing home a new puppy can be a joyful experience if you are ready for the responsibility.


When can you buy puppies in Amarillo?


The puppies for sale in Amarillo at Pitter Patter Pets are brought into the store after others cannot provide adequate care. When new puppies are brought in, Pitter Patter Pets tries to get as much detailed information as possible. The specific breed, size and ages of the puppies may vary from time to time. The goal of Pitter Patter Pets is to provide puppies to loving, caring homes.


How would you care for puppies in Amarillo?


Puppies are a big responsibility; you will need to be ready to care for your pet by puppy proofing your living environment.


  • Remove or store any breakable items that may be on the puppy’s level. Puppies love to run and play. You do not want any precious items lost.
  • Puppies love to chew during their first years. Keep all electrical and curtain cords out of sight to avoid any problems.
  • Keep any cleaners or toxic chemicals locked away to avoid potential hazardous conditions.
  • You may want to invest in a trash can with a secure lid to avoid messy situations.


After you puppy proof your home, time to set up for your new puppy.


  • Pick any area in your living space for a puppy bed; puppies like their own space too. Remember, puppies grow fast; you may want to pick out a larger bed.
  • Set up one bowl for food and another for water. If you have more than one animal, provide separate dishes to avoid conflict during meal times. Research the best types of dog food and treats for your puppy. Puppies have specific nutritional needs during their first few years. Keep the water bowl filled at all times the Texas Panhandle can have some really warm days. You want to keep your puppy hydrated to avoid getting ill.
  • Pick up some toys to help keep your energetic new puppy busy. Puppies love to chew and play. Chew toys will be the perfect addition to the puppy toy box.
  • You will also need a collar, leash and a dog tag. If you have the space, you can also set up a pen outdoors to provide your puppy with a safe play area.


After you get your puppy settled in, you will want to make an appointment with a local veterinarian to discuss shots, heartworm medication, microchipping, flea medication, and the right age to have the puppy spayed or neutered.


The biggest factor to remember in caring for your new puppy is to provide plenty of love and affection. The puppies for sale at Pitter Patter Pets can turn out to be a wonderful companion. The owner of Pitter Patter Pets can provide you with all the basic information and essentials for bringing a new puppy into your home.

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