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What do you need to know about Snake in Amarillo?


From Corn Snakes for first time snake owners to Colombian Boas for the more experienced snake owner, Pitter Patter Pets has a wide assortment of snake species that you are able to choose from, along with all of the necessary accessories to keep your snake healthy. Solitary yet beautiful creatures, snakes can make great long term pets as most can live up to 15 years while others can live up to 30 years!


However, before you purchase any snake, it is important to realize that snakes, like most reptiles, can carry Salmonella. As a result, it is not recommended to have snakes in a house that children under 5 years old inhabit. It is also extremely important to always wash your hands after handling any snake in order to prevent contamination.


When can you buy a Snake in Amarillo?


Pitter Patter Pets offers a multitude of snakes for purchase year round. We recommend purchasing a snake that is at least a few months old and is already eating thawed meals regularly. They are accustomed to, and respond well, to consistent routines. Feeding, changing water, handling, and tank cleaning should all be kept on a schedule to ensure low stress levels.


How would you care for a Snake in Amarillo?


Different types of snakes need different types of care but there are general guidelines you can follow when caring for your snake. Since snakes are fairly inactive creatures, they do not necessarily need large terrariums. The size of the snake can help to determine the size of the enclosure. It is ideal to enrich the snake's habitat with hardwood branches, vines and/or rope so that your snake can climb. Snakes also require a closed shelter where they can retreat; hollowed, hardwood logs or boxes are good solutions.


Like all reptiles, snakes require a temperature gradient inside their enclosure to help regulate internal body temperature. A total of two thermometers on opposite sides of the terrarium and a hygrometer, or humidity gauge, in the center will help you to ensure a comfortable environment for your snake. A UV light coupled with a heat lamp that can reach about 90°F on one side of the tank is necessary for the snake to bask in during the daytime while the opposite side of the tank should be kept at about 80-85°F during the day. Temperatures at night should be allowed to drop between 70-80°F with no light source for about 12-14 hours. To help regulate temperatures at night a heating device such as a ceramic heat emitter or night heat lamp is recommended. Glass or plexi-glass terrariums with lockable screen lids will help to maintain humid conditions. Humidity should generally be kept anywhere between 30-50% at all times. Water bowls can help regulate humidity inside the tank and are important tools when it comes time for the snake to shed it’s skin.


All snakes are carnivorous and will eat rodents, small reptiles, and insects. The type and size of snake will determine what you feed it and how often it will need to eat. A good habit to develop is placing your snake in a separate tank before feeding. This will help the snake to recognize the difference between being handled and being fed and help reduce the risk of potential injury to yourself.


Come visit Pitter Patter Pets with any questions you may have about snakes! We have all the supplies you’ll need to care for your next snake!


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