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What do you need to know about Sugar Gliders in Amarillo?


Sugar gliders are in the marsupial family so they are not the same as rodents, such as mice, hamsters, and gerbils. They act very differently and are raised very differently than animals in the rodent family. When cared for properly, sugar gliders can live anywhere from twelve to fifteen years. Because of this, it is important to know the differences in the two families and how these differences can affect the life and health of the sugar glider if not taken into consideration.


When the baby sugar gliders, called joeys, are born, they are about the size of a grain of rice. For the first few weeks of their lives, they stay inside their mother's pouch. When they emerge from the pouch, the joeys look like peanuts. They will emerge from the pouch with their eyes closed and will finally open their eyes when they are about ten days out of the pouch.


Sugar gliders are nocturnal, meaning they are more active at night. But they can be trained early on in their life, around 8-12 weeks which is the time that they are old enough to be sold, to fit your schedule. Sugar gliders also bond with their families and if trained properly, you can even take your sugar glider with you outside of your home.


When can you buy a Sugar Glider in Amarillo?


Sugar gliders breed all year, so you are able to purchase sugar gliders at specific times throughout the year. Pitter Patter Pets will begin to handle the sugar glider babies as soon as they are old enough to be handled. Sugar gliders are unique animals that could make great pets for your home. Pitter Patter Pets cares greatly about their animals that stay in the pet store and the young animals that are sold as pets.


How would you care for a Sugar Glider in Amarillo?


You can purchase all of the supplies that you would need for your sugar glider at your local pet store in Amarillo, Pitter Patter Pets. Pitter Patter Pets supplies the cages that you would need to keep your sugar glider happy for life. You can also purchase toys for your sugar glider to enjoy during the time that you are away. It might be a good idea to take any bells and trinkets off of the toys if your sugar glider is active at night to cut down on the noise that they make.


The diet that you would feed your sugar glider would consist of fresh fruit and vegetables and could also include cheese crackers with peanut butter. You would only feed your sugar glider a slice of a fruit or a vegetable or half of the cheese cracker every other day. Feeding your sugar glider too much food can cause obesity or with too much fat in the diet, it can cause blindness in your sugar glider. You should put the food out for your sugar glider around 4 or 5 pm so that the food will still be fresh when your sugar glider wakes up in the evening and is active.


If you are interested in having a sugar glider as your pet, contact your local pet store in Amarillo, Pitter Patter Pets.


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